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New short movie?

2012-07-19 17:44:01 by GarrysWorld

I haven't posted much on Newgrounds lately. And I'm sure nobody reads this shit, but for those who do here's some tiny news:

I haven't been working on any new short movies. Because I have been practicing with flash and done some shading. But I will be starting on a new short movie. What subject is still unknown. If you have any ideas please let me know.
But I will probably not make a perverted short movie. And I believe I will never make one of those again. Again Why? Because a lot of people didn't enjoy them. So I've just decided I will 'try' to make some funny stories and not any perverted ones.

You can expect more movies. But not just yet.



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2012-11-12 21:23:35

Nobody? It's seem you're wrong.
Anyway. You want to stop you perverted thing? Maybe, it's a idea.( I personnaly thing that is a good idea to stop that but whatever). The only thing that you should thing is: Do you prefert make pervert thing or something else. You should drawing/animating for yourself not for the others( except if it's a commissions).
For the idea, maybe something about Minecraft. It's a passionate game with full of thing to talk about.
You can try to make a mobs story or just a story about your caractere.
If you like joke you can make some about the game. The classic: you finish a house and boom. You make a house in the sky to avoid that and boom and arrow hurt you and you fall on the ground. You put some torch to avoid mobs to spawn and boom a skeleton spawn on the top of the house and make you fall. You put torch everywhere and everything go find but when it's the time to go down you forgot a way to down without taking damage and you continue like that.
Those are only idea they are not enough develop to be complete.
Anyway. Good luck with that and don't stop what your like because people tell you it's shit because you know even shit can shine.