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New short movie?

2012-07-19 17:44:01 by GarrysWorld

I haven't posted much on Newgrounds lately. And I'm sure nobody reads this shit, but for those who do here's some tiny news:

I haven't been working on any new short movies. Because I have been practicing with flash and done some shading. But I will be starting on a new short movie. What subject is still unknown. If you have any ideas please let me know.
But I will probably not make a perverted short movie. And I believe I will never make one of those again. Again Why? Because a lot of people didn't enjoy them. So I've just decided I will 'try' to make some funny stories and not any perverted ones.

You can expect more movies. But not just yet.


News about my life

2012-07-04 11:52:51 by GarrysWorld

I haven't posted a short in a whle because my pc broke. But no worries I haven't lost any files.

I have been away from computer for 6 days, so that Is the reason of no new shorts. I can promise a new short coming out for Minecraft! One of my favourite games! Yes!

Anyways here's a sneak peak of the new minecraft short.

Its up! Watch it its pretty cool.

My new animation coming tomorrow! Just a few more fixes and it will be ready to be up on newgrounds!

Of course it will be my second newgrounds upload. So I hope you guys will still enjoy it.

Stupid Youtube People - Coming Tomorrow!